Rental Property Standards of Maintenance Bylaw

The Rental Property Standards of Maintenance Bylaw sets out minimum standards for rental housing to ensure the quality, safety, and livability of rental units. The bylaw applies to all residential rental properties including rental apartments, rented condo units, secondary suites, garden suites, and unauthorized suites. Below is an overview of some of the key items in the bylaw.

Plumbing & Water

  • Fixtures and pipes free from leaks
  • Hot water available
  • Drinkable water provided
  • Areas damaged by water due to plumbing leaks must be repaired or replaced


  • Floors and floor coverings are maintained in a clean condition, free of defects that might create health, fire, or accident hazards
  • Bathroom floors are covered with smooth, moisture-resistant floor finishes for easy cleaning

Maintenance of Services & Utilities

  • Utilities should not be shut off without proper notice and for a reasonable period of time as needed for repair or replacement


  • Exterior walls, awnings, ventilating systems, and other outdoor attachments/extensions are maintained, safe, and protected

Heating Systems

  • Heat systems in place and maintained (no portable heaters for main heating source)
  • Heat must be turned on when tenants request

Doors, Windows and Ventilation

  • Exterior doors and windows are maintained, weather tight, and capable of being securely closed and locked
  • Every room has ventilation, either mechanical or natural

Electrical Systems & Lighting

  • Electrical wiring and lighting equipment maintained in good order
  • Lighting in each room and common area

Sanitary Facilities

  • Where shared, a set number of bathroom fixtures per bedrooms
  • For self-contained units, at least one bathtub or shower, toilet, and basin
  • All rooms with sanitary facilities should have a door in good order

Appliances and Other Facilities

  • Appliances and other facilities and services supplied by the landlord are maintained in good order

Walls and Ceilings

  • Interior walls and ceilings are maintained in a clean condition and good order
  • No holes or loose or broken plaster that may create health, fire, or accident hazards


  • Elevators are maintained in a safe, clean, and operational condition
  • If an elevator is out of service, the landlord must notify each tenant, in writing, as soon as possible and provide regular updates on repairs
  • Landlord must ask tenants to make their needs known and the landlord and tenant will create a plan to meet those needs within 48 hours

Fire Safety and Exits

  • Closures (i.e., walls and roof), sprinkler systems, fire alarm and detection systems are maintained in accordance with the current National Fire Code of Canada
  • Hallways and stairwells are properly illuminated during an emergency
  • Exits are maintained and free of obstructions

Structural Integrity

  • Structural elements (i.e. roofs, stairs, railings, porches, deck joists, rafters, beams, columns, foundations, floors, walls, and ceilings) are maintained in good order and provide structural integrity

Parking or Storage Garages

  • No machinery, boats, vehicles, trailers or parts of them that are abandoned or inoperative, or rubbish or discarded furniture shall be kept in a parking garage or parking area

Pest Control

  • Tenants and landlords should take steps to avoid infestations and eliminate them if they occur (i.e., through sanitation, removing waste, or moving and treating belongings for a pest infestation)

Other areas addressed in bylaw

  • Foundations
  • Gas systems
  • Cooking facilities
  • Basements
  • Laundry facilities
  • Mold

If required repairs are not completed in a reasonable period after a landlord is notified,  more information can be found on working out tenancy issues here. Questions can also be sent to