The City of Victoria works closely with its neighbourhood associations to better connect with residents and address their needs and issues. Council liaisons are assigned to each neighbourhood association, a role guided by terms of reference [PDF/19KB]. Councillors and City staff attend monthly meetings to provide information and respond to queries.  

Neighbourhood associations usually have Community Association Land Use Committees (CALUCs) that help review proposed property developments in the neighbourhood and have specific terms of reference. 

Some neighbourhood associations also operate community centres that provide a range of services for the neighbourhood, such as childcare, recreation and fitness. 


This downtown venue offers residents a space to conduct meetings and other activities.

Local Champions Program

This program helps develop skills and empowers participants to lead community improvement projects.

Neighbourhood Tools & Resources

Find out about the resources and tools available to support your neighbourhood.

My Great Neighbourhood Grants

These grants can help you bring life to a community project.

Neighbourhood Associations

The City has 12 unique neighbourhoods. Find your neighbourhood community association and Council liaison below. Email to find out who the staff liaison is for your neighbourhood.