Neighbourhood Tools & Resources

Tools for Residents and Neighbourhood Associations

Neighbourhood Led Action Plan Guide

The City’s Neighbourhood Team has prepared a guidebook for residents interested in creating a Neighbourhood Led Action Plan. If you have ideas for improving your neighbourhood, the guide can help you get organized. 

The guide describes how to bring community members together to share ideas and helps organizers find the resources needed to pursue their goals. Creating a plan together strengthens social capacity and increases resiliency.

Neighbourhood Led Action Plan Guide

Placemaking Toolkit

The Placemaking Toolkit is a guide for implementing your ideas for community-led placemaking. It includes information on accessing City supports and a catalogue of pre-approved placemaking elements.

The Placemaking Toolkit focuses on grassroots placemaking and focuses on smaller scale projects using a lighter-quicker-cheaper approach. This is intended to make projects manageable for residents and help ensure that they are successful.

Placemaking Toolkit

Block Parties

Block parties are a great way to celebrate your community with neighbours. To ensure there is appropriate time for staff review, you will need to apply for a permit a month before the event. Upon approval, a permit will be issued free of charge. You can apply for a My Great Neighbourhood Grant to help you with the cost of your first event. For support with block party applications, email


Community-led walkshops can be an effective way to have community conversations between City staff and residents. They are an opportunity for residents to get information and express their perspectives to staff about issues and opportunities that are of interest to them. Learn how to plan and initiate a walkshop in the Walkshop Residents Guide.

Walkshop Residents Guide

Council Liaisons

Resident organizations can contact their City Council liaison to discuss neighbourhood issues. Visit the Mayor & Council page to find your neighbourhood liaison.

Community Resources and Partnerships

Find out more about resources that other community-based organizations offer neighbourhoods.