Emergency Preparedness

Tsunami Preparedness Week, April 14-20, 2024

Most people in Victoria are safe from tsunami risks. This year, for Tsunami Preparedness Week, get to know the hazard and safe zones. If you live, work or play in a tsunami hazard zone, practice your route to the safe zone on foot or by bike. During a real tsunami event, we need to keep roads clear for first responders.

VictoriaReady is the City's emergency preparedness hub that empowers every person, business and organization to prepare for emergencies. Explore free resources, materials, emergency preparedness workshops, volunteer opportunities and how to subscribe to Vic-Alert, Victoria's emergency notification system.

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Vic-Alert is the City of Victoria's emergency notification service. Sign up to receive critical local emergency information.

Explore the Types of Emergencies

Knowing the hazards that could occur is an important first step to being prepared for any type of emergency.

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Find an emergency preparedness workshop or book a session for your group.

Plan and Prepare

Find resources for making a plan, an emergency kit plus who to connect with.

Volunteer With Us

Join a dedicated team of volunteers serving our community to support emergency preparedness, response and recovery.

The City's Emergency Management division is part of the Victoria Fire Department and is responsible for preparedness, planning, reducing risk, response and recovery for major emergencies including fires, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and extreme weather.