Stay Informed

In the event of an emergency, social media and the City’s emergency notification system Vic-Alert will play a key role in communicating updates to the public.

Updates on Social Media

For emergency updates, follow: 

For helpful emergency preparedness tips and recovery information, follow:


Vic-Alert is the City of Victoria’s free emergency notification that informs subscribers of major emergencies and disasters in Victoria. This includes information about imminent threats (e.g., tsunamis) and local, area specific incidents (e.g., gas leaks). Emergency notifications can be sent city-wide or to targeted areas with neighbourhood-specific emergency directions, such as an evacuation. Vic-Alert is powered by Alertable.

Signing up for Vic-Alert is free and can be done from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. There are three easy ways to sign up for Vic-Alert.

1. Sign up for Alertable through the app (recommended)

The app is available for Android and iOS and offers the most features. Features include maps, pictures and additional incident details.

Download from the App Store  Get it on Google Play

2. Sign up for email or text alerts

In the blue box below, sign up as many email addresses or phone numbers as you would like. You can only sign them up one at a time. If you would like to receive both text and email emergency notifications, please add one and wait for the confirmation code, then add another. If entering your phone number, do not put a 1 in front of the number (area code and phone number only).

3. Sign up for phone call alerts

To sign up for alerts via phone, please select the ‘click here’ option below the text number box. This will change the text message section in the blue box to a phone alert. You can add as many phone numbers as you would like, one at a time. 

If you have any questions, please email