Getting Around

We're working to provide safe, comfortable and reliable transportation options for a growing number of residents, visitors and workers.

Go Victoria

Our vision is clean, seamless mobility for everyone. Learn more about our goals for how we get around in Go Victoria [PDF/35.3MB], the transportation strategy for the City.

Road Safety

Reaching these goals requires making these options safer. As part of Go Victoria, we have adopted Vision Zero, a global approach to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries. This requires taking a safe systems approach by designing our road network to be safe for everyone, particularly those who are the most vulnerable, including children, older adults, people with disabilities and those walking, cycling and rolling.

We use four main strategies to achieve Vision Zero:

  1. Traffic Calming - Tools to reduce speeds and volumes of vehicles to create safer, more livable streets and neighbourhoods.
  2. Complete Streets - Upgrading streets to be comfortable for everyone, however they get around. The design of each street depends on local context including speed and volume of vehicles, land-use and role in road network. Learn more about our large transportation projects.
  3. Improved Intersections - According to ICBC, approximately 78 per cent of crashes involving pedestrians in B.C. happen at intersections. Making our intersections safer could mean adjusting traffic signals to give those walking a head start (leading pedestrian intervals), removing slip lanes (shortcuts for vehicles to make a right turn that increase number of rear-end crashes and can be dangerous for pedestrians to cross), separate signals for those riding bikes, curb extensions (curbs built further into the street) and roundabouts.
  4. Reduced speed limits - Slower speeds mean safer streets as they reduce the number and impact of crashes. 

Learn more about features of the City’s road network:

Getting Around in Victoria - YouTube