Lower Speed Limits

To help everyone move around safely, all local streets in the City of Victoria are changing from 50 km/h to 30 km/h. 

Lower speed limits on local streets started rolling out in spring 2023 with the Hillside Quadra neighbourhood followed by Burnside Gorge, Oaklands and Victoria West. North Park, Jubilee and Fernwood are currently underway.

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about the new lower speed limits on local streets.

Why 30 km/h Speed Limits?

Slower speeds contribute to quieter, more livable neighbourhoods and help reduce the number and impact of crashes. By driving slower, you have more time to be aware of your surroundings and respond to road conditions and other users.

According to statistics, pedestrians hit by a vehicle going 50 km/h have an 80 per cent chance of being killed. This drops to only 10 per cent if hit by a vehicle going 30 km/h.

Slower speeds are just one of the strategies being implemented to achieve Vision Zero — the elimination of traffic fatalities and serious injuries on roadways. Vision Zero is an international best practice in road safety and is included in Go Victoria [PDF/35.3MB], the City’s sustainable mobility strategy. 

What are Local Streets?

Local streets are usually in residential areas, do not have a centre line, and are used by fewer than 1,000 vehicles per day. This change will not affect speed limits on major roads like Blanshard Street, Hillside Avenue, Bay Street, Shelbourne Street and Cook Street.

When Will My Street Change?

Map of Victoria neighbourhoods. Burnside Gorge, Hillside Quadra, Oaklands and Victoria West are complete. North Park, Fernwood and Jubilee are planned for spring 2024.

Reducing local streets from the default speed of 50 km/h to a lower speed of 30 km/h requires new signage. Crews are installing signs one neighbourhood at a time. Burnside Gorge, Hillside Quadra, Oaklands and Victoria West are already complete. North Park, Fernwood and Jubilee are currently underway. The goal is to complete all neighbourhoods by spring 2025. Residents will be notified when their neighbourhood is next in line.

How Will I Know the New Speed Limit?

Like other zones with reduced speeds, such as streets next to parks and schools, you will see new 30 km/h signs as you enter from busier roads and along local streets. If you don’t know, go slow.

30 km/h Street Map

How Can I Spread the Word?

We Go Slow lawn signs and decals for your car or home window are now available at: