EV Charging & Parking

The City of Victoria has provided electric vehicle (EV) charging stations since 2013 and continues to improve availability. You can find these chargers in parkades, public spaces and neighbourhoods across the city.

Rates & Locations

There are currently EV chargers in the following locations. Regular parking fees apply at each.

  • Broad Street
  • Store Street
  • Victoria West Park
  • Yates Street Parkade (575 Yates Street)
  • Broughton Street Parkade (745 Broughton Street)
  • Centennial Square Parkade (645 Fisgard Street)
  • Johnson Street Parkade (750 Johnson Street)
  • View Street Parkade (743 View Street)
  • Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre (2275 Quadra Street)

To use a charging station, please download the free FLO EV Charging Network app to your smartphone and follow the instructions.

Please check pay station requirements for information on charging fees for all City-owned Level 2 EV chargers. Fees can be paid using the FLO app or using a preloaded FLO purchase card.

Rates for EV charging are based on the amount of power used when charging and are consistent with charging rates throughout British Columbia:

  • Level 2 with power sharing — $0.25 per hour (parking fees paid separately)
  • Level 2 without power sharing — $1 per hour (parking fees added to payment by app)
  • Level 3 50 kilowatt Direct Current Fast Chargers — $12 per hour (parking fees included)


Find public and private charging stations in your region.

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