Flood Prevention

Call 250.361.0400 at any time (24/7) to report instances of flooding.

When it rains, street drains help prevent flooding and keep neighbourhoods safe by removing excess water. Leaves and debris can collect in gutters and block storm drains, causing roads and properties to flood. While blockages can happen at any time of year, it is especially common in the fall when falling leaves collect in storm drains.

The City’s drainage crews work to maintain 5,700 of storm drains in Victoria. With thousands of drains across the city, it's important everyone helps to maintain them.

Storm Drain Tips

  • keep leaves and debris out of storm drains
  • use a rake or broom to remove leaves and debris from the tops of storm drains
  • safely clear a channel for water runoff if a street drain appears to be blocked by debris or snow
  • avoid pilling yard waste like fallen leaves and sticks on the street or in a location where it could wash into drains
  • call Public Works (250.361.0400) if the drain cannot be cleared, or if the cause of flooding is uncertain

Safety Tips

  • clear storm drains only when it is safe
  • clear drains from the curbside, not out in the street
  • watch out for traffic and don’t clear drains that are in the middle of the street
  • be careful of standing water to avoid slipping or stepping on sharp objects
  • ensure adults are supervising children if present
  • clean surface debris only – let crews handle garbage or any hazards in the storm drain
  • don’t try to lift storm drain grates as they are very heavy and can be dangerous

Only Rain in the Storm Drain

The City’s storm drains help keep our neighbourhoods safe from flooding and lead directly to streams and the ocean. To help protect our drains and waterways, do not put hazardous waste materials like oil or paint thinners into the storm drain system. The City has a stormwater bylaw that regulates what can be put in the storm drain:

 Sanitary Sewer and Stormwater Utilities Bylaw