Property Taxes

Property taxes will be due on Tuesday, July 2, 2024. More information coming soon.

How to Pay Your Property Taxes

The City offers several convenient payment methods for property taxes, including paying online, by mail or in person.

Our customer service team is happy to assist you over the phone at 250.361.0228 or by email at

How Property Taxes Are Calculated

The amount of money that is to be raised through property taxes, and a portion of the tax rate, is set by Council each year. The tax rate, together with the assessed value of a property, determines the amount of property tax payable each year.

Tax rates are expressed in “dollars per thousand”. This means that at a rate of $10 per thousand, the property owner would pay $10 for every $1,000 of assessed value. The value of a property is determined by BC Assessment, independent of the municipality.

Property Tax Breakdown

The City of Victoria offers two ways to see a breakdown of your property taxes. For more information, visit the pages linked below. 

Property Tax Estimator

Enter a property’s assessed value and receive an estimated property tax amount.

Property Tax Calculator

Enter your property’s folio number and receive a breakdown of your property taxes.

Money raised through property taxes fund City programs and services such as police, fire, road maintenance and park upgrades.

Watch the video below to learn more about services the City provides: 

Other Tax Information & Resources