Rainwater Rewards Program

The City has an incentive program from properties that manage rainwater sustainably.  Sustainable rainwater management allows the community to use rain as a resource. This helps developed water sheds mimic the function of natural systems. 

Available Rebates and Credits

Low Density Residential Properties

If you own and reside in a home with one to four units, you can apply for a rebate to help with upfront installation costs. All other low density residential properties may be eligible for ongoing credit. The best time to take advantage of the rebates is when you are already planning to do improvements to your property. 

Rebates between $35 and $1,500 to assist with the upfront cost of installing rainwater management methods are available for owner-occupied properties. All low density residential properties can receive a 10 per cent credit off the annual stormwater utility bill. 

Multi-Family, Business and Institutional Properties

If you use an approved rainwater management method on your property, you can apply for 2.5 to 50 per cent off your annual stormwater utility bill. This applies to all property types.

The City offers ongoing credits. Rebates are not available for these properties, but the credit amounts are larger. Approved methods include:

  • cisterns
  • rain gardens
  • infiltration
  • permeable paving
  • bioswales
  • green roofs
  • education (business and institutions only)

To apply, review the Rainwater Management Standards for Professionals. All projects for these property types must be done by professionals and standards must be followed. 

Rainwater Management Standards – Professional Edition

Please submit an application before construction to ensure your project qualifies for a credit. Properties with existing rainwater management methods (prior to May 2015) may be eligible for credit. Please contact stormwater@victoria.ca for more information.

Apply for Rainwater Rewards

Rainwater Rewards Program Credit Renewal Form

Rainwater Management Methods

The following methods are part of the Rainwater Rewards program.