Stormwater Utility

The City’s stormwater system is funded through the stormwater utility. The utility fee is based on a property’s impact to the stormwater system, including stormwater volume and water quality, and all properties contribute. You can decrease the utility fee and access incentives through the Rainwater Rewards Program by managing stormwater on site, or by reducing the impervious area on a property. 

Rainwater Rewards Program

Stormwater utilities are a fair way to fund the stormwater system. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities recognizes them as a best practice, and municipalities across Canada have adopted them. Stormwater utilities are becoming common across Canada as a fair and sustainable way to fund stormwater systems, and to encourage the use of green infrastructure to manage rainwater where it falls.

Visit the Utility Rates page for more information about stormwater rates:

Stormwater Utility Rates

Most stormwater fees have been removed from property taxes and are now charged through the stormwater utility. A small portion of stormwater fees remain on property taxes to cover roads and rights of way.