Curbside Collection

Waste Bins

Garbage and organic waste is collected every two weeks from residential properties in Victoria. Have your bins out and accessible by 7 a.m. on your collection day. 

Garbage – Grey Bin

You can put non-organic waste in your grey bin, except for recyclables, and hazardous waste. To keep our collection crews safe, please bag the following items:

  • all dust including sawdust, vacuum waste and ash
  • bathroom waste
  • pet waste
  • diapers

Construction waste and sharps are not accepted in the grey bin. 

If you find you consistently have more garbage than what fits in your grey bin, there are options:

You can pick the size of your grey bin for garbage, based upon the amount of waste you produce. The City of Victoria has three standard bin sizes. Before selecting a bin, consider that pickup is every two weeks. If pickup falls on a statutory holiday, the pickup period could extend to 16 or 17 days.

Damaged Grey or Green Bin

Click here to access the Damaged Bin Reporting Form
With the exception of daily wear and tear bin damage, there may be a repair or replacement cost charged in some instances. If you have any additional questions, please call 250.361.0226.​​​​​​​

Organics – Green Bin

You can put food scraps and yard waste in your green bin. Separating your organics into your green bin diverts waste from the landfill and helps Victoria move towards our Zero Waste goals.

See below for information about what can and cannot go in your green bin. Learn more from our Green Bin Care video.

Recycling – Blue Box

Curbside recycling service is provided to Victoria residents by the Capital Regional District (CRD). For more information, or to find your recycling schedule, visit the CRD Blue Box Program

    Curbside Collection FAQs

    Curbside Bin Placement

    Proper bin placement makes pick-up easier and protects the health and safety of crews and residents. Please leave a clear path for people that use mobility devices, such as wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and white canes. 

    Properly placed bins should:

    • leave sidewalks accessible for pedestrians and mobility devices
    • have closed lids
    • be away from obstructions
    A grey and green bin placed on the curb. Bins are away from a tree and not obstructing the road or sidewalk