Waste Reduction

Zero Waste Victoria

Zero Waste Victoria is a plan to reduce waste disposal by 50% by 2040. This plan was approved by Council on December 10th, 2020.

Key actions include:

  • development of new single-use item regulations
  • changes to building permits to reduce and recycle materials from building demolitions
  • new requirements for organics and recycling at multifamily and commercial properties
  • enhancements to the City’s solid waste services

Review the plan documents:

About Waste in our Community

Everyday across the City of Victoria, over 120 tonnes of materials are disposed of and sent to the landfill. The waste includes:

  • demolished buildings
  • uneaten food
  • plastic and paper packaging
  • old clothes and furniture

Reconsidering these materials as valuable resources to keep them in use is a key principle of a circular economy. In this area, cities have the biggest role to play in the transition to a more circular and sustainable future.

Contact zerowaste@victoria.ca for more information.