Food Production Businesses

The City of Victoria allows small-scale commercial urban food production. The goal is to help improve community access to healthy and local food, while providing economic opportunities. 

In Victoria, small-scale commercial urban food production:

  • produces edible and non-edible products for sale, including: raw, unprocessed fruits and vegetables; flower; herbs; fibre; seeds; nuts; seedlings; mushrooms; plant cuttings; eggs; honey
  • involves many activities, including: cultivation; harvesting; sorting; keeping; cleaning; packaging
  • does not include products regulated by the Controlled Drug and Substances Act (e.g. cannabis)

Starting a Food Production Business

Learn about City regulations and find tips and resources to help your urban food production business thrive here:

Contact the City with any questions:

  • Visit the Business Hub at City Hall or contact the Business Ambassador by email or at 250.361.0629.
  • The Business Ambassador is available to walk you through the details of opening a small-scale commercial urban food production business step-by-step.