Park Furnishing Dedication Program

Celebrate a special event or honour someone by donating to the City of Victoria Park Furnishing Dedication Program! Please complete this application form. Completed forms will be returned to the Parks and Recreation Foundation of Victoria. 

The Parks and Recreation Foundation of Victoria (PRFV) will contact you upon receipt of this application. A non-refundable donation of $3500.00 will fund the installation of a park bench affixed with a personalized dedication plaque for a period of 10 years within a City of Victoria park. Payment is collected by the PRFV upon approval of your application. The PRFV will provide you with a charitable tax receipt at your request.

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Preferred Park Bench Locations

Select up to 3 possible locations, with 1 being most preferred. 

Available sites can be viewed on the 'Park Bench Donations' Feature Map in VicMap.

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Plaque Inscription

Maximum 4 lines of text and 40 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation. 

The City of Victoria encourages plaque inscriptions that are celebratory and uplifting in nature. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. I understand that after installation, the donated park furnishing becomes the property of the City of Victoria for general public use. I will not remove or damage or tamper with the furnishing or the area immediately surrounding it.
  2. The City of Victoria will maintain the donated park furnishing as part of its normal schedule of care and maintenance. The City will repair or replace damaged park furnishings.
  3. I understand that the park furnishing will remain in place for a 10-year term, beginning on the date of installation. At the end of my term, I will be offered the opportunity to replace the furnishing for an additional 10-year term, at the fee in place at that time.
  4. It is my responsibility to keep my contact information current with the PRFV. If the PRFV is unable to contact me or I choose not to renew my term, the park furnishing will be removed and the site will be made available to others to dedicate.
  5. At my request, the City will hold my dedication plaque for me to be picked up within 12 months after my term expires.
  6. Installation can take up to 8 months once payment has been received. Donors will be notified once the furnishing has been installed. The City of Victoria cannot guarantee installation dates.
  7. The City of Victoria reserves the right to relocate or remove the park furnishing if necessary to accommodate park upgrades, maintenance, special events, or other unforeseen events. All reasonable effort will be made to notify me if my donation site is affected. If permanent relocation is required, I will be notified and offered an alternate site.
  8. Your personal information and the personal information of those receiving the dedication is collected only for the purpose of managing the Park Furnishing Dedication Program. The legislated authority to collect this personal information is section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. For further information regarding the collection, please contact the Information Access and Privacy Analyst at 250-261-0347 or