Beacon Hill Park

Ball Diamond,
Lawn Bowling,
Picnic Shelter,
Tennis Court,
Water View,
Horticultural Interest,
Play Equipment,
Sports Fields,
Leash Optional,
Trails/ Paths

With roughly 740,000 square metres of parkland, Beacon Hill Park is the crowning jewel in Victoria’s park system. There are natural areas, manicured flower beds, footpaths and many sports and play features for the whole family to enjoy.

Beacon Hill Park has an abundance of natural features and sensitive ecology throughout roughly 740,000 square metres of parkland. A number of environmentally sensitive areas have been identified within the park and are protected through local, provincial and federal law to preserve these threatened and endangered species and ecosystems. In addition to the Garry oak ecosystem, an example of a threatened species is the Yellow Montane Violet, Viola praemorsa.
Meandering footpaths offer long strolls among manicured and natural areas and features for the whole family to enjoy. Kite enthusiasts, paragliders and sailboarders can also take advantage of the open vista across the Strait of Juan De Fuca. Beacon Hill Park has an important status as Mile “0”, the western terminus of the 8,000 kilometre Trans-Canada Highway.