Outdoor Recreation Facilities

The City is proud to operate and maintain 20 multi-use sports fields, outdoor courts, fitness equipment, skate parks and bike parks. 

Booking a Field

We strive to allocate permits for regulation-sized sports fields fairly. This helps maximize public use while allowing teams and leagues a consistent location to carry out scheduled play.

To ensure fair use of sports fields for organized play, any team or league that wishes to use a field must get a Park Use Permit. Unorganized games or pick-up games do not require a permit.

Maintenance and Closures

City staff who work on the fields strive to provide a safe and playable surface. The Parks follows a very intensive maintenance and improvement program for all sports fields. We have increased our field maintenance equipment to provide better care and maintenance to our playing surfaces. For example, we have made nail drags for the ball diamonds, purchased better line marking machines and upgraded our tractors.

For field, park and washroom maintenance, please contact the Parks Division at 250.361.0600 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. You may also leave a message after regular hours and we will contact you on the next business day. 

Field Closures

Poor weather conditions or unsafe field conditions are the primary reasons for sport field closures. To meet the demand for high quality fields and ensure a safe playing field, both weather and field conditions are monitored daily. Fields are inspected every Thursday by Parks staff.

When a field is closed, it is the responsibility of sport team coaches to ensure that fields are not played on. Any teams caught playing on the field may forfeit the right to play on that field for the remainder of the season.

User Discretion

With user discretion, we have empowered users to make common sense decisions about whether to cancel an event on their field. We ask that, if there is frost or standing water on any area of the field, or it is too wet to play, to postpone and reschedule the event. Please notify the Parks Permit Clerk the next day to advise if you have postponed an event.