Accessibility & Inclusion

The City of Victoria aims to provide accessible, inclusive recreation opportunities for everyone. The City does so through programs and services that remove barriers and create a welcoming environment. If you require additional assistance or have questions about recreational accessibility and inclusion, please contact the Inclusion Coordinator.

Contact the Inclusion Coordinator

Programs and Services

Inclusive Swimming and Lessons

Swimmers of all abilities are welcome at the City’s recreation facilities. Individuals with special accommodations have options available, including:

  • group lessons
  • private lessons
  • drop-in quiet swims for those with noise sensitivity

If you require support for registration and are looking for more information, please email the Aquatic Coordinator or call 250.361.0712. 

Leisure Assistant Pass

The Leisure Assistant Pass is for people with disabilities of all ages. The pass allows a support person to join people with a disability during leisure activities. When presented, the pass grants one support person free or reduced admission. This supports participation without costing the person with a disability double for admission.

Victoria Leisure Assistant Pass [PDF/409KB]

Passes are valid for a three-year term from the date of issue.

Youth Programs inclusion

We want your child to have the best possible experience at camp and receive the support they need to thrive. Children who receive assistance or one-on-one support in school or for daily activities may benefit from support at camp.

The City offers inclusion support to all families, regardless of access to funding. If your child is in need of support, please email the Child & Youth Programmer at least one week before program start.

Financial Support Resources

Additional Resources