Streets & Transportation

Everyone needs to get around safely.

Whether you walk, drive a car, ride a bike, take the bus, or roll in a wheelchair – mobility matters. At the City of Victoria, our vision is achieve clean, seamless mobility for everyone.

GO Victoria is the City’s mobility strategy. It identifies our values, policy positions, key initiatives, and strategies for supporting and shaping transportation in Victoria. The strategy sets the stage for improvements to achieve road safety, climate action, equity, and affordability goals by maximizing the use of our public rights of way.

When we plan for mobility - we can support for the tens of thousands of people who need to move themselves, goods and services across our community each day.

GO Victoria outlines six Key Initiatives to achieve our vision.

  • Achieve Vision Zero
  • Transform Public Transit
  • Accelerate Active and Accessible Transportation
  • Shift to Zero Emissions
  • Rethink the Curb
  • Harness Data and Technology

Each year, the City will advance capital projects, initiatives, bylaws and programs to support this strategy. Learn more about our priorities in GO Victoria – Our Sustainable Mobility Strategy.

Explore the sections below to lean more about transportation and mobility in Victoria.

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