Current Construction & Closures

As the City continues to grow and change, construction can lead to traffic, cycling and pedestrian interruptions. The tools on this page will help you plan around construction on City streets.

Road Construction & Closures Map

Current large-scale construction projects in Victoria are displayed below on VicMap, the City’s online mapping tool. Please note that this map does not show every construction project in the City.

Learn more about VicMap on the Maps page.   

Major Projects

Large-scale transportation projects planned for 2023 and work completed in 2022 are available in PDF format. The maps are separated by neighbourhood and include:

  • road paving
  • traffic calming
  • crosswalks
  • sidewalks
  • new traffic signals
  • EV charging
  • bike lanes

Transportation Capital Projects for 2022–2023 [PDF/2.3MB]