Join a Community Garden

There are many community gardens in Victoria. Use the contacts below to inquire about joining an existing garden, or learn about starting your own here. To see where these gardens are located, consult the Community Gardens Feature Map on Vic Map.

Commons Gardens in Victoria

Banfield Commons and Vic West Community Tea Garden
Contact: Victoria West Food Security Collective
Location: Banfield Park

Fairfield Community Garden
Contact: Vanya McDonell
Phone: 250.382.4604
Location: Robert Porter Park

James Bay New Horizons Pollinator Gardens
Contact: Sue Ann Gentry
Phone: 250.595.4806
Location: 234 Menzies St and Irving Park

Spring Ridge Commons
Contact: Matt Gravel
Phone: 250.381.1552
Location: 1240 Gladstone Rd

Wark Street Commons and the People's Apothecary
Contact: Nicola Gunter, Quadra Village Gardens Coordinator
Location: Wark Street Park, between Bay and Kings in Quadra Village

Spirit Garden
North Jubilee Neighborhood Association
Location: 1769 Newton St and 1782 Kings Rd

Rockland Woodland Garden
Rockland Neighborhood Association
Location: Corner of Joan Crescent and Craigdarroch

Allotment Gardens in Victoria

Burnside Allotment Garden
Burnside Gorge Community Association
Contact:  Rachel O'Neill
Phone: 250.388.5251
Location: Cecelia Ravine Park (Napier Lane and Burnside Road East)

Earthbound Community Garden
Fernwood Community Association
Phone: 250.384.7441
Location: Garden Street, north of Bay Street

Fernwood Allotment Garden
Fernwood Community Association
Phone: 250.384.7441
Location: Chambers and North Park

Montreal Street Community Garden
James Bay Garden Association
Location: Montreal Street, between Simcoe and Niagara

Neighbourhood Garden of All Sorts
Contact: Mary Lynne Rimer
Location: Macdonald Park, Niagara Street frontage

Rayn or Shine Community Garden
Victoria West Food Security Collective
Location: Corner of Craigflower and Raynor 

Yates Street Community Garden
Downtown Residents Association
Location: 1012 Yates St

Community Orchards in Victoria

Banfield Park Orchard
Victoria West Food Security Collective
Location: Banfield Park

Fernwood Community Orchard
Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group
Location: William Stevenson Memorial Park

Other Gardens in Victoria

Small Steps Edible Garden at City Hall
This garden was created in partnership with Our Place Society, whose staff, family members and volunteers maintain and harvest vegetables for its lunch program. The garden is located in Centennial Square. 

Kitchen Garden Project
The City partnered with the Fernwood Community Center to transform 1,800 square feet of decorative garden beds into edible food gardens that are now managed by the Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group. The gardens are used to educate, inspire and supplement some of the 700 snacks and meals the center provides every week to program participants.

Fishermen’s Wharf Park Edible Herb Garden
This is a community herb garden located in Fishermen’s Wharf Park at the corner of Erie and St. Lawrence Street.

Garden in the Park
An alpine garden in Beacon Hill Park managed by the Vancouver Island Rock and Alpine Garden Society.

Native Harvest Garden
A demonstration native harvest garden located in Beacon Hill Park, at the end of Nursery Road.

Learn more about the other ways you can garden and grow food, including Boulevard Gardening, Food Tree Stewardship, and Commercial Food Production.