Trees in Cities Challenge

The Trees in Cities Challenge is a global campaign launched by the United Nations to promote climate action in cities.

The City of Victoria is taking action to help slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). In keeping with public health advice regarding social distancing and avoiding large groups, the City has decided to postpone all public engagement events until further notice. Upcoming free educational workshops as part of the Trees in Cities Challenge will be rescheduled. The City still encourages private property owners to plant trees and track them on the Tree Tracker.

Trees are a critically important community asset providing a wide range of benefits, from positive mental health impacts, to environmental attributes such as regulating temperature, mitigating stormwater runoff, and providing wildlife habitat. The urban forest plays a valuable role in our efforts to adapt to climate change. 

Global temperatures are rising at rapid rates and bold action is needed now. Planting more trees in urban areas holds a considerable potential to tackle effects of climate change. The United Nations has invited mayors around the world to join the Trees in Cities Challenge by making a pledge to plant trees in their city. 

The City of Victoria is working with the community to plant 5,000 trees on public and private land. Victoria is the first city in Canada to join the challenge.

Residents and groups can join in the Trees in Cities Challenge in four easy steps: Pledge to plant, learn about tree care, record your trees and become a tree champion.

1. Pledge to Plant Trees on Private Land

Help us meet our goal by taking the pledge to plant trees on private land – fill out our online webform and let us know how many trees and the month you plan to plant. If you do not have private land, but would like to donate funds to the urban forest and support the planting of trees on public land, please contact

2. Learn about tree health

The long-term tree health of trees is crucial. To learn about tree placement, maintenance and care practices before breaking ground, check out our online tree care resources at the bottom of the page. 

In support of current public health direction to avoid large groups and maintain social distancing, our educational free workshops have been postponed. Please check back for updates.


3. Plant and record your trees 

Once you plant your trees, mark them on the Tree Tracker so that they count towards the challenge goal! On the Tree Tracker, you can select your tree species, choose its location, upload a photo of your tree, and even give it a nickname. The tracker will show the total number of planted trees in each neighbourhood across the City of Victoria.

4. Become a Tree Champion!

Due to the current circumstances of COVID-19 (coronavirus), the City of Victoria has postponed all engagement events until further notice, including Trees in Cities workshops, tours and other events. Residents and groups can still join in the Trees in Cities Challenge by taking the pledge to plant, learning about tree care, and planting trees on their private properties. You can also subscribe below to stay connected.

Victoria Joins U.N. Challenge with 5,000 Tree Pledge:

Cities are now at the centre of global efforts towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as outlined by the United Nations. Moreover, it is increasingly recognized that cities are at the forefront of battle against climate change. Planting more trees in urban areas holds a considerable potential to tackle some effects of climate change and contribute to the achievement of urban-related SDGs. Under auspices of the UNECE, mayors are invited to undertake a Trees in Cities Challenge, whereby they will pledge to plant a pre-determined number of trees in their city.

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