Single-use Items


Single-use items are things you use once and throw away. These can include disposable coffee cups, takeout containers, stir-sticks and utensils.

The City collected feedback between October 20 to November 22, 2021 from residents and businesses on a Consultation Paper proposing new actions to reduce single-use item waste.

To reduce single-use item waste and encourage the regular use of reusable products, the City is developing a bylaw to include the following regulations:

  • Requiring food ware accessories such as utensils, stir sticks and straws to be distributed by request
  • Requiring that businesses use only reusable products for dine-in services
  • Mandatory fee of $0.25 on disposable cups and containers

If you are a business in Victoria and would like to provide feedback on these policies and were unable to attend our engagement sessions in June, we encourage you to provide written feedback to 

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