Waste Collection

 Garbage and organic waste is collected every two weeks from residential properties in Victoria. Have your bins out and accessible by 7a.m. on your collection day. 

What you need to know

Your collection schedule  
Where to put your bins 

 Organics - Green Bin

You can put food scraps and yard waste in your green bin. Separating your organics into your green bin diverts waste from the landfill and helps Victoria move toward our Zero Waste goals. 

Check out the Green Bin Guide for a list of what goes in and stays out of the green bin. Learn more from our Green Bin Care video


Garbage - Grey Bin

You can put non-organic waste in your grey bin with the exception of recyclables, and hazardous waste. If you find you consistently have more garbage than what fits in your grey bin there are options:


Option 1 : Purchase Extra Garbage Tickets

If you have more garbage than will fit in your grey bin, please purchase extra garbage tickets ($4 each) at the Public Service Centre at Victoria City Hall, or the Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre. Place your extra bags with their tickets beside your grey bin for pick up on your regular collection day. All extra garbage must be bagged and weigh less than 15 kilograms or 33 pounds. Garbage tickets cannot be used for extra organic waste including yard waste for curbside collection.  

Option 2: Change the size of your grey bin

If you consistently have more garbage than will fit in your grey bin, you can request a larger sized grey bin for an additional annual fee. Click here to access the Grey Bin Size Change Request form. 

Option 3:  Extra garbage drop off locations

The Hartland Landfill is open Monday through Saturday. When dropping off residential waste there is a $10 user fee and a charge of $107 per metric tonne. Two bags of residential garbage generally range between $12-14 depending on the weight of the contents. A mattress and a box spring ranges between $15-16.


If you have mobility challenges or require assistance with your bins contact 250. 361.0400 to learn about our Helping Hands program. To sign up for the program, fill out our Helping Hands application form [PDF - 71 KB]  and submit it to utilities@victoria.ca

You can read the amendment to the City's Solid Waste Bylaw here