Burnside Gorge

Burnside Gorge is home to the Cecilia Ravine Sports Court and Bike Skills Park, Point Ellice House Museum, the Selkirk Trestle and Selkirk Waterway development which includes the Gorge Rowing and Paddling Club.

What Our Neighbourhood Looks Like

Burnside Gorge is the industrial and commercial district of Victoria. You will find car dealerships, a regional shopping centre, hotels, motels and a large trades and creative community in Rock Bay.

Burnside Gorge has a town centre at Mayfair Mall. There is a large urban village at Hillside and Douglas (Humber Green Village) and a second large urban village in the Selkirk development off Gorge and Jutland.


Burnside Gorge has 5 major parks, most are adjacent to the Galloping Goose Regional Park and Cecelia Ravine. The CRD Galloping Goose Trail and Selkirk Trestle, the redeveloped Cecelia Creek/ Ravine corridor, new parkland established at the Selkirk Development site, and the Burnside Gorge Community Centre with an award-winning publically accessible green roof, are all recent improvements in the last ten years. 


Selkirk Montessori Elementary (private)

Gardens and Markets

Burnside has one allotment garden located at Cecelia Ravine Park.