Housing Strategy

We’ve updated our strategy for improving housing affordability in Victoria

Phase Two of the Victoria Housing Strategy includes 44 housing actions, building on Phase One [PDF - 934 KB] of the strategy and Council’s Strategic Plan.

The strategy focuses on ways to:

  • Improve affordability, stability and choice for renters
  • Encourage new housing supply
  • Encourage a range of housing options to meet the needs of residents
  • Track our progress and improve the City’s housing policies and programs
  • Try bold ideas to achieve new results

Read the full Victoria Housing Strategy Phase Two (2019-2022) [PDF - 3 MB]

Recent Housing Work

Here are some of the recent initiatives we've undertaken to improve housing in Victoria:

Current and Upcoming Housing Work

Council has committed prioritizing the following actions for 2019 and 2020:

  • A family housing policy to encourage the development of more two and three bedroom units and to ensure new housing meets the needs of families
  • Implementation of Residential Rental Tenure Zoning to preserve existing and future rental housing in Victoria
  • A tenant engagement strategy to ensure tenants voices are heard, and to increase renter participation in public engagement processes
  • Incentives and regulations to protect tenancies and prevent renovictions
  • A policy to prioritize the development of new rental housing and simplify development processes for affordable rental housing
  • A bylaw to establish a basic standard of repair for residential rental properties
  • Support for new housing policies to ensure inclusion related to gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, ability, and family status
  • A comprehensive review of the City’s Zoning Regulation Bylaw to ensure compatibility with City housing objectives
  • A working group of housing stakeholders to review progress on Housing Strategy items

A full list of all 44 housing actions for 2019-2025 are listed in the Victoria Housing Strategy (2019-2022) [PDF - 3 MB]

Get Involved

We encourage you to participate in the many discussions related to these and other housing initiatives over the coming year. Visit engage.victoria.ca to learn about current public input opportunities.

Other Housing Resources