Housing Strategy

Everyone deserves a home.

That’s why we are working on several policies to address housing and affordability in our community.

Victoria Housing Strategy 2016 - 2025

Council adopted Phase Two: Victoria Housing Strategy 2019 - 2022 in July 2019 which builds on Phase One of the strategy and Council’s Strategic Plan.

The Victoria Housing Strategy provides guidance for housing policies and initiatives that meet residents’ needs across the housing continuum (see diagram below). No one policy on its own is expected to address all housing needs and collaboration with senior levels of government is critical.

The strategy includes 44 actions that focus on ways to:

  • Improve affordability, stability and choice for renters
  • Encourage new housing supply
  • Encourage a range of housing options to meet the needs of residents
  • Track our progress and improve the City’s housing policies and programs
  • Try bold ideas to achieve new results


Read the Victoria Housing Strategy Phase Two [PDF - 3 MB]

Read the Victoria Housing Strategy Phase Two Summary Brochure [PDF - 3 MB]

Read the Victoria Housing Strategy Annual Review 2019 [PDF - 18 MB]

Federal and Provincial support during COVID-19

Learn about the range of financial supports available during the COVID-19 pandemic response here.

Housing Strategy COVID-19 response:


In June 2020, Council re-prioritized the following Housing Strategy actions to focus on housing insecurity in response to the pandemic in order to:

  1. Advance and support the rapid supply of affordable and supportive housing with government partners and non-profit housing providers;

  2. Bring forward an expanded Rental Property Standards of Maintenance Bylaw for consideration;

  3. Develop a Rental Property Licensing Bylaw to prevent renovictions and demovictions;

  4. Explore the creation of a non-profit administered rent bank on a pilot basis.

Read the Staff Report


Rental Property Standards of Maintenance Bylaw


As part of the City’s efforts to improve rental housing and support for renters, a new bylaw has been approved: 

  • The Rental Property Standard of Maintenance bylaw is in effect as of January 31, 2021 
  • The new bylaw includes standards to ensure quality, safety, and livability of rental units

More information is available here.


If you have questions about this bylaw, including how it may apply to you as a tenant or as a landlord, please contact housing@victoria.ca or 250.361.0382.

Actions completed in 2020:

Priority Actions Underway:

  • Rental Business Licensing Bylaw that is intended to discourage licensed landlords from evicting tenants for the purpose of undertaking building renovations or upgrades, often referred to as ‘renovictions’
  • Missing Middle Housing Project to create more housing choice by making it easier to build diverse ground-oriented housing like duplexes, houseplexes and townhouses that fit well within neighbourhoods and support citywide livability and sustainability goals
  • Village and Corridor Planning Project to help create neighbourhoods with more housing choices, better transportation options, new services and amenities, and improved public spaces
  • Secured Rental Housing Project to support the creation of new market and affordable rental housing, while retaining Victoria's existing purpose-built rental housing stock

A full list of all 44 housing actions for 2019-2025 are listed in the Victoria Housing Strategy (2019-2022) [PDF - 3 MB]

Upcoming Housing Work in 2021

  • Family Housing Policy to encourage the development of more two-and three-bedroom units and to ensure new housing meets the needs of families
  • Secondary Suites Program Expansion to support the secondary rental market
  • Market Rental Energy Upgrades Pilot Program that uses municipal tax incentives to encourage the rehabilitation of existing rental buildings to achieve seismic resiliency and energy efficiencies with limited tenant displacement 
  • Official Community Plan, 2012 amendments as part of the adaptive management framework, with specific amendments to align with the Victoria Housing Strategy and Inclusionary Housing and Community Amenity Policy

Get Involved

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