Plumbing Permits

The Building and Plumbing Regulation Bylaw No.17-113 regulates Plumbing Permits within the City of Victoria. Additionally, the B.C. Plumbing Code 2018 is in effect.

A Plumbing Permit is required before commencing work on:

  • adding or removing fixtures, including: sinks, shower, clothes washer
  • installation or alteration of any sanitary sewer or water service
  • installation or alteration of connection to a stormwater utility
  • installation or alteration of a fire sprinkler system or standpipe system
  • installation of any back-flow prevention device

A Plumbing Permit is not required for:

  • replacement or maintenance of existing fixtures in the same location
  • maintenance of existing plumbing systems
  • irrigation systems downstream of a back-flow prevention device
  • plumbing systems separately serviced for the purpose of site drainage

Note: a permit is required for a connection to the stormwater utility.

Plumbing Permit Applications

Contractor and Homeowner Plumbing Permit applications are available online through MyCity. Please contact a Permit Services Representative if you are unable to apply online.

The following forms may be required to submit your application:

If you require an inspection, you can submit an inspection request online via MyCity.

Additional Application Resources

The Engineering Department handles fees for connecting to City stormwater, sanitary (sewer) and water. For information, please contact the Engineering Department.