Strata Titling

The consideration to changing a building into Strata Units is called Strata Title Conversion.  This process involves the City’s Land Development section as a primary contact, and the City’s Approving Officer and relies on the zone for the land as well as information provided by the applicant. You are encouraged to ask questions early in this process and read the City’s Policy.  Some applications may require that Council consider the application through a report and open meeting. Considerations for Strata Title Conversion must be considered relative to s.242 of the Strata Property Act as well as the City’s Policy and Approval Matrix.

Please see the application package below for documents relating to Strata Title Conversion.

If your development intent is to create Strata Units in a new build, this isn’t Strata Title Conversion, and many can proceed to create strata units without further consideration of the City.  Zoning is required, and a Building permit; however as the intent doesn’t convert an existing use (such as rental units to Strata Units, or Single Family to Multiple units in a Strata), you may be able to proceed directly with Land Titles at project completion.  

Strata Titling Application Package